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Top 10 Best Penetration Testing Service Providers

Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Penetration Testing Service Providers:

We have provided the list of the best Pen Testing Service Provider companies from United States and Worldwide

Making sure your network, app or devices are secure should be top priority for any company.  Implementing a solid, professional penetration test is one of the most useful tools a company has at its disposal.

Finding the right company is critical to ensure your penetration test is successful. When searching for the best penetration testing company, you’ll want to make sure they are certified and experienced.

This list identifies the industries top penetration service providers who have the most experience in specialized penetration testing.

But First, What is Penetration Testing and Why does your company need to utilize this tactic?

Penetration Testing or Pen Test refers to the simulated cyber-attack that is being made to exploit the system and show proof that real world hackers can target specific systems.  Selecting a provider that can simulate a real world attack is not hard to find, however selecting a service provider that understands methodology, process and remediation is a bit trickier.  There is a difference with Security Assessments vs Penetration Testing.  Here is a good article on the subject.

🏆Who are the Best Penetration Testing Companies?

To determine this, a ‘mock pentest’ was requested from 30 plus providers and based on response or lack of response many companies that state they provide pen-testing did not make the top rated list. The list does not contain do-it-yourself or the one-size-fits-all offerings. This list of the top penetration testing service providers have been identified by measuring the following review criteria.

  1. Timely response and overall customer experience
  2. Comparison of Sample Reports
  3. Support Information available
  4. Credentials and Certifications
  5. Scoping Discussion with engineer
  6. Price and Value

Penetration Testing Companies – List of Top Providers

Name Headquarters Pentesting Certifications Market Specialized Services    COST
Redbot Security Denver, Co CISSP, CCSP,GIAC, GPEN, C|EH, GWAPT, CDFE, DCITA, CDMC, DCITA USA/ SMB to Enterprise Government Penetration Testing / SCADA ICS, Compliance, Assessments $$
Secureworks Atlanta, USA unlisted Int’l / Enterprise Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Management $$$$$
FireEye Los Angeles, Ca Provides Int’l / Enterprise Penetration Testing $$$$
Certification Training
Rapid 7 Boston, Ma Provides Int’l / Enterprise Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Management $$$$$
Certification Training
CA Veracode Boston, Ma unlisted Int’l / Enterprise Third Party Security $$$$$
Netragard Boston, Ma Provides Int’l / Enterprise Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment $$$$$
Certification Training
NETSPI Minneapolis, MN Security+, CISSP, OSCP,OSCE, CREST Int’l / Enterprise Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Management $$$$
Cypher Security LLC Miami, FL unlisted Int’l / Enterprise Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment $$$
Rhino Security Labs Washington DC unlisted Int’l / Enterprise Penetration Testing $$$$

List of Top Penetration Testing Companies Worldwide (not interviewed)

Suma Soft Pune, India unlisted International Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment
Protiviti California, USA unlisted International Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Testing
Kratikal Tech Pvt. Ltd. Noida, India unlisted International Penetration Testing
Secugenius Noida, India unlisted International Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Testing
Pristine InfoSolution Mumbai, India unlisted International Penetration Testing
Entersoft Bengaluru, India unlisted International Penetration Testing, Compliance Management
Secfence New Delhi, India unlisted International Penetration Testing,Vulnerability Assessment
SecureLayer7 Pune, India unlisted International Penetration Testing,Vulnerability Assessment
Indian Cyber Security Solutions (ICSS) Kolkata, India unlisted International Penetration Testing,Source Code Review
Cryptus Cyber Security Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, India unlisted International Penetration Testing

Lets dig deeper into Top Penetration Testing Companies and the Service/ Solutions they provide

#1) Redbot Security

At the Core, Redbot Security is a Full Service Penetration Testing Services Provider and also provides MDR. Redbot will customize any scope and will work with their clients to meet timeline and budget.  Their reporting and customer experience is truly top-notch and not many companies can compete.

Headquarters: Denver, Colorado, USA
Market: SMB to Enterprise / Government

Core Services: Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Compliance Testing (PCI DSS, HIPPA), Security Code Review, Infrastructure Security Audits, Web Application, Network Testing, SCADA ICS,

Products: Controlled Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Tools, Security and Compliance Assessments, iSOC MDR


  • 30 years of experience in information technology consulting and cybersecurity
  • Providing cybersecurity services for more than 15 years.
  • Sr. Level Engineering assigned to each product
  • Recognized as industry top choice for USA based controlled Pentesting 2 years running.
  • Partnered with Rubrik, HPE, Fortinet, Palo Alto, VMWare, Redhat

=> Official Website: Redbot Security


#2  SecureWorks

SecureWorks offers information security services and solutions for systems, networks and information assets from the intruder’s activity. The firm was established as a public organization in April 2016 but was owned by Dell in 2011.

Headquarters: Atlanta, USA

Core Services: Pen Testing Services, Application Security Testing, Advance Threat/Malware detection and prevention, Log Retention and Compliance Reporting, Vulnerability Management, Risk Assessment, Cloud Security Monitoring, Incident Management etc.

Products: Managed Security Solutions, Information Security Solutions, Compliance Management Solutions, Threat Protection Solutions, Cybersecurity Risk Management Solutions, Industry Solutions etc.

Official Link: SecureWorks


#3) FireEye

FireEye is a global cybersecurity provider to offer protection against advanced persistent threats and spear phishing.

Headquarters: California
Core Services: Penetration Testing, Security Program Assessment, Red Team Assessment, Response Readiness Assessment, Training Services, Deployment and Integration Services, Cyber Threat Intelligence Services etc.

Products: Helix The Security Operations Platform, FireEye Threat Analytics, FireEye Security Suit, Email Security, Network Forensic and Security, Threat Intelligence, Endpoint Security etc.


  • Solutions and services offered by FireEye incorporate higher expertise and intelligence to protect your system against cyber threats.
  • FireEye offers real-time learning system with its unique FireEye Innovation approach.

Official Website: FireEye



#4) Rapid7

Rapid7 is a USA based software company which provides security analytics software and services to improve threat risk management. Rapid7 allows to automate routine tasks and implement performance intelligence to improve productivity.

Headquarters: Boston, MA

Core Services: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Management, Training, and Certification Services, Advisory Services

Products: Metasploit for Penetration TestingNexpose for Vulnerability Management, Insight VM for Vulnerability Assessment, InsightIDR for User Behaviour Analytics, Insight Ops for IT Operations, InsightPhish for Phishing Simulation, Komand for Automation


  • Rapid7 is mostly preferred for vulnerability management, application security, and incident tracking for more than 7,200 organizations in 120 countries.
  • The company offers different tools with different features, each software has a unique powerful framework against security threats.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Helps to detect website cloning attack, offers one-click phishing campaign etc.

Official Website: Rapid7


#5) CA Veracode

CA Veracode offers application security solutions and services with scalability, development integration and ensuring security policies. CA Veracode performs vulnerability assessment logically.

Headquarters: Massachusetts

Core Services: Pen Testing Services, Program Management, E-Learning, Third Party Security

Products: CA Veracode Greenlight for Instant Scanning, CA Veracode Developer Sandbox for Evaluating Code, CA Veracode Static Analysis for Assessing integrated application for policy compliance, CA Veracode Software Composition Analysis for Eliminating Risk in Open Source Component.

CA Veracode Dynamic Analysis for fixing vulnerabilities, CA Veracode Runtime Protection for Detecting and restricting intruder’s attack etc.


  • CA Veracode offers security solutions for each stage of the software development lifecycle.
  • Solutions provided by Veracode are easily scalable and effective immediately.
  • Offers cloud-based solutions to deliver the fastest system outcome.

Official Website: CA Veracode


#6) Netragard

Netragard is a reputed firm providing high-scale security services in public and private sectors firm. Netragard uses an advanced type of Penetration Testing known as Real Time Dynamic Testing.

Headquarters: Massachusetts

Core Services: Pen Testing Services, Vulnerability Assessment, Point of Sales (PoS) Testing etc.

Products: Netragard is well-known for its certification products such as:

  • Silver Certificate: For entry-level customers, but do not support Real Time Dynamic Testing.
  • Gold Certificate: Technically advanced than Silver but does not Support Real Time Dynamic Testing.
  • Platinum Certificate: The most advanced product incorporates Threat Augmentation Module.


  • Provides detailed solutions for recovering vulnerabilities.
  • Ability to check for 70,000 vulnerabilities.
  • 3rd Party Passing Penetration Test Report.
  • Research Driven Penetration Testing.

Official Website: Netragard



NETSPI is an application and network security testing solution provider in education, healthcare and retailers domain. It is one of the topmost penetration testing and cyber security company worldwide.

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Mn

Core Services: Pen Testing Services, Vulnerability Management, Application Security, Infrastructure Security, Attack Simulation Services, Advisory Services

Products: Pentest Workbench for Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Broker for Vulnerability Assessment, Integration Engine for Datasets and Back Office systems


  • The company provides high-end security testing and vulnerability assessment solutions.
  • NETSPI combines automation and manual approach for performing internal and external network penetration testing.
  • NETSPI services also include some unique services such as Red Team security, Adversarial Simulation, and Social Engineering.

Official Website: NETSPI


#8) Cipher Security LLC

Cipher Security LLC is known as a global security company offers highly efficient SOC I and SOC II Type 2 certified managed security and consulting services.

Headquarters: Miami, FL

Core Services: Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking Services, Vulnerability Assessment, Risk and Assessment, PCI Assessment and Consulting, Software Security Assurance, Threat Monitoring etc.

Products: Self-Assessment Tools


  • Helps the system to defend against advanced threats while managing risks.
  • Efficient and innovative solutions to ensure system compliance.
  • Provides proprietary and specialized security services to every organization associated.

Official Website: Cipher Security LLC


#9) Rhino Security

Rhino Security Labs is a penetration testing company that incorporates best security research, leading security engineers and some proprietary technologies to perform penetration testing.

Headquarters: Washington, USA

Core Services: Network Penetration Testing, AWS (Amazon Web Services) Penetration Testing, Mobile App Penetration Testing, Secure Code Review, Web Application, Social Engineering etc.

Products: SleuthQL for Application Security, GDRP for Penetration Testing, CloudGoat for AWS Environment, AWS Essentials etc.


  • The leading and Award-winning penetration testing provider implementing a wide range of technical aspects.
  • Uses Dive-Deep approach to unfold threat and vulnerabilities.
  • Provide services in various fields like healthcare, technology, retail, and finance.

Official Website: Rhino Security Labs

Companies mentioned above are well-known worldwide for penetration quality testing services.



How to find the best penetration testing companies

Find the best penetration testing companies. Reviewed List of top penetration testing firms

Finding the best penetration testing company for your project

In today’s day and age businesses are becoming more familiar with the term “penetration testing” and in general most IT managers, CIOs and  C-Level executives have a good understanding of the pen-testing concept.  However, it is still common for companies to confuse security assessments with penetration testing  (Penetration vs Vulnerability Article Here ).  If at the end of the day an organization has defined that their main objective is to evaluate the security of a computer system, network, app etc and clearly understands that the goal of a penetration test is to simulate a real world attack  (exploit potential vulnerabilities in your organization’s systems), then the next step is to begin vendor selection.  Basically, it’s now time to evaluate penetration testing companies, budget and how best to move forward with the right company or individual who specializes in ethical hacking.

So why would a company want someone to simulate an attack on their systems?

There are many do-it-your-self applications available and having the capability to run your own penetration tests can be good idea to run self-vulnerability tests whenever you make changes to your network…but a company that wants to know if their data is truly safe (client data, financial data, medical data and systems) and protected from real world hackers should seek out professional help.  One of the most powerful strategies a company can deploy is 3rd party penetration testing.

The news is riddled with big name companies getting attacked and exposing customer data to hackers. According to eSecurity Planet‘s 2019 State of IT Security survey, 64 percent of organizations conduct pen tests at least annually, so as many as 36 percent of organizations are taking unnecessary risks by ignoring  best practice security measures.

Even if your internal IT team has penetration testing experience and you have some in-house pen-testing tools,  experts believe that a third party performing controlled penetration testing is more likely to uncover cracks that hackers will also discover, if they (hackers)  haven’t already found them.

Penetration Testing – Scoping

Since scoping/project details will vary based on customer expectations, i.e., number of IP addresses, systems and other factors, it is virtually impossible to provide an out of the box “one size fits all” pricing quotation.  A solid pen-testing company will want to know at the very least -preliminary information and customer requirements in order to provide the most accurate quote/timeline and expectations.  Be wary of a “one price fits all” pen-test as these low price solutions that fit any scenario are most likely using an automated scan and just checking off boxes.



Top Pentesting Firms

Best Penetration Testing Companies Reviewed by Value, Reporting and Expertise

How does my organization get started with proactive cyber security?

If your organization decides to move forward and starts to implement cyber security solutions, there are a few initial steps that a cyber security company will take. This is done to assure that they provide you the utmost service and discover the proper scope of what you are needing.

The first step in the process is a call with all the stakeholders to determine what the organization really needs. This discovery process will assess the organizations current security posture, industry and market specifics, cyber security history, current data protocols, security policies, regulations, compliance and a basic overview of the network/application infrastructure.

From this discovery process, a cyber security company will be able to outline a systematic approach to implementing the proper level of security that is needed at your organization.

Next, the project will move forward once all approvals are received. A cyber security company will assign a team of engineers to start the initial assessments and testing and work directly with your organizations IT team to do this. This process can be long and enduring, especially if the systems being tested are complex and the testing is being done after operational hours.

After the testing is completed the data is taken and analyzed to where it is developed into a security profile of your organization. This profile is presented to the stakeholders and the findings revealed along with methods and suggestion for remediation.

The next step would be for the organization to re-mediate all discovered and known vulnerabilities, exploits and security concerns. A typical cyber security company would be readily available to assist an organization with this remediation.

Once the remediation has completed, the next steps would be to perform a penetration test on the implemented cyber security solutions. This testing will uncover any missed gaps in security, human error and even discovered exploits within the newly installed systems.

Read Full Article Here


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Best Penetration Testing Companies

We have provided the list of the best Pen Testing Service Provider companies from United States and Worldwide

Industry Scope Software Testing
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  • Timely response and overall customer experience
  • Comparison of Sample Reports
  • Support Information available
  • Credentials and Certifications
  • Scoping Discussion with engineer
  • Price and Value
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